By The Light Of A Small T.V. (kidxdynamitex) wrote in plan_it_x,
By The Light Of A Small T.V.

Hard working Houston punk rock/indie/rock band needs drummer

Looking for a drummer who is ready to work hard to make a band thats already on it's feet work!

We are on a good label, with lots of good friends and fans all over the world.

must be ready to tour 3 to 4 months a year (we have plans to do a couple u.s. tours, plus Europe, Austrailia, and Japan)

must be willing to practice 1 to 2 times a week

must have own equipment

must not be a total rager (after the show is tottally cool, just pull your own weight!)

must be willing to play local and out of town shows as well as touring.

write me for some more info!

Influences: Small Brown Bike, Braid, Hot Water Music, Against Me!, American Steel, Bruce Springsteen, The Replacements
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picky picky
whats up i am a 23 year old drummer i have been play for 15 years i have played lots of gigs and done lots of recording i am lad back and will to work my ass off i am open to new ideas so if you would like you can get a hold of me at 832-493-4401 or 713-208-1785 i look ford to hearing from you