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Derek J Neuland

Records for sale

once again i'm selling a bunch of my records. There's a catch though, i need the money before Thursday the 28th. If you want something but can't get the money to me by then, email me and we might be able to work something out.

i prefer paypal, but cash and money orders are okay too if you don't have access to paypal.

comment or email me at to make an offer. I'm not looking for ridiculous ebay prices, but i know what things are worth.

7 Inches

A Perfect Circle- “Judith remix” (side B etched)
Allegiance/ Internal Affairs split
Cardiac Arrest- “Life’s a Dead End” (clear)
Champion- “Come Out Swinging” (orange)
Champion- “Count Our Numbers”
Chronic Seizure- “Brain Sick” (Clear)
Cross Me- “Drug Free Zone”
Despair- “One Thousand Cries”
The Devil is Electric- “s/t” (red) *sale pending*
The Devil is Electric/ This Bike is a Pipe Bomb split *sale pending*
The Donnas- “Fall Behind Me” (White)
The Donnas- “Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine”
Ensign- “Fall from Grace”
Exclaim- “Keep Things Evolving Positively” (tour press #23/100)
Fifth Hour Hero- “You have hurt my…” (orange)
Fifth Hour Hero/Navel split
Fifth Hour Hero/No Choice split (orange)
Fifth Hour Heo/ The Sainte Catherines split ( grey marble)
Fucked Up- “Dangerous Fumes”
Fucked Up- “Litany”
Fucked Up-“Police”
Fucked Up- “Triumph of Life” (Pink)
Fucked Up/Haymaker split
The Gaia- “No. 1”
Good Clean Fun- “Who Shares Wins”
Guns Up- “All This Is” (orange)
Hellnation/Sink split (purple)
Intent to Injure- “Keep Us Strong” (blue)
New Day Rising (double 7”)
New Day Rising/ Atlas Shrugged split
New Day Rising/Despair split (mint green)
No Less- “Boxed In”
No Less/Agents of Satan split
No Less/ Laughing Dog split (purple Doomryder press #20/400)
No Less/Potato Justice split
Pg. 99/City of Caterpillar split
Portrait- “s/t”
Reveal- “Descent” (#37/100)
Righteous Jams- “Boston Straight Edge”
Set To Explode- “s/t” (white)
Skate Korpse- “Down” (pink)
Snakebite- “every bad idea..” (TEST PRESS #85/103)
Snakebite- “Feel the Buzz” (clear)
Straight Ahead- “Spirit of Youth” (Yellow)
V/A- Reality vol.1 comp (red) –features Spazz, Despise You, Lack of Interest…

10 Inches
Lemonheads- “It’s a Shame About Ray” (stamped # 6703/????)
The Spectacle-“s/t”

12 Inches

The Anniversary- “Your Majesty”
Better Than a Thousand- “Just One”
The Clash- “Combat Rock”
Depeche Mode- “Construction Time Again”
Depeche Mode- “Music for the Masses”
Depeche Mode- “People are People”
Depeche Mode- “Some Great Reward”
Depeche Mode- “Speak and Spell”
DJ Shadow- “Endtroducing” (double LP)
The Donnas- “American Teenage Rock n Roll Machine”
The Donnas- “skintight”
The Donnas- “Turn 21”
El Guapo- “Super/system”
Hatchet Face- “Vol.2” (blue)
Hatebreed- Satisfaction is the death of desire” (blue)
Hella- “The Devil Isn’t Red” (grey marble)
Iron Maiden- “The Number of the Beast”
Iron Maiden- “Piece of Mind”
Mates of State- “My Solo Project”
Mates of State- “Our Constant Concern” (maroon)
Ministry- “Twitch”
Motley Crue- “Too Fast For Love”
Motley Crue- “Shout at the Devil”
New Day Rising- “live”
Poison the Well- “The Opposite of December”
Raw Power- “Screams From the Gutter”
Scum Brigade- “Negative Hardcore Destructive Youth” (hand screened tour cover)
The Smiths- “Best of vol. 1”
Spazz- “La Revancha”
Spazz/Romatic Gorilla split (green marble)
Stand and Fight- “Together We Win” (purple)
Three 6 Mafia- “Da Unbreakables” (double LP)
Transistor Transistor- “s/t”
Transistor Transistor/ Light the Fuse and Run split
Youth of Today- “break down the walls” (Rev reissue)
Youth of Today- “Can’t Close my eyes” (rev reissue)

All Things Ordinary Releases:
Team Chocolate 7"- $4.00
Lemuria 7"- $4.00 (only 20 left EVER)
La Cacahouette 7"- $4.00
La Cacahouette CD Pre-order- $10.00 and i'll give you a hug
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